Make specialist care more affordable and accessible online

Our customers

We support 5,000+ specialists in the UK. 100+ more sign up every month.

Tabeo is the #1 finance provider for private elective healthcare in the UK. Our customers include ambitious associates, small independent practices, private equity backed groups and international corporates.

Our team

Our office is in Central London but our talent is global - anyone who wants to work remotely can do so. The team usually comes together every 8-10 weeks in London and for our annual off-site trip.

Our partners

For technology

We design and build our platform in-house but outsource a few selected activities to experts such as cloud hosting, emails or security.

For payments

Tabeo is not a payments company but simplifies the integration of relevant payment methods for healthcare providers. No upfront cost and no coding required. Competitive rates.

For funding

We are not a lender but an online platform connecting patients and providers with independent lenders. Our panel of lenders includes banks, debt funds and family offices. Tabeo manages all steps of the loan’s lifecycle inhouse, from scoring to collections.

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If you have any questions or are interested in a demo of our product, please get in touch.