Available from Q2 2024

Automatically verify plan member status during checkout

Cut your costs in half with Tabeo. Boost enrolment with our automated marketing. Effortlessly migrate existing plan members in bulk.

Trusted by over 100+ dental practices

Save 50% by switching your provider

Practices with 400+ plan members could save over £5,000 per year with Tabeo. More importantly, you need a robust workflow to track plan members and benefit usage without burdening your team.



Practice with no plan or small base of up to 200 plan members that wants to increase adoption.


  • Define price and benefits
  • Create marketing materials
  • Educate entire team


200 to 400 plan members that seeks to accelerate plan sign ups through marketing automation.


  • Maintain sales effort
  • Track usage & payments
  • More time to do payroll


Over 400 plan members that needs assistance in plan administration and lower fees.


  • Make data more accessible
  • Automate new sign ups
  • Reduce annual costs

With a seamless bulk transfer

The bulk change process is a simple and reliable way to transfer existing direct debit mandates over to another provider. No action is required from patients.

Introduce a faster and simpler process to manage plans

The more plan members you win, the more time your team spends on administration. Valuable time is lost patient after patient. The problem? Existing plan providers do not integrate with your other processes.

Simplify administration

Your team will love it

  • Identify members with no effort
  • Record plan benefits usage easily
  • Engage members by email / text

Accelerate sign ups

And your patients too

  • Automate personalised follow up
  • Offer cash back to get sign ups
  • Enable self service for members

All payments in one platform

So your reception does not have to log into different systems when taking payments. And so that you do not ‘lose your mind’ when doing payment reconciliation, payroll or a refund.


Manage all payments, in-person and remotely, with one system. Enjoy the same, quick check-out process.


No separate log-in or system required. We automatically display available finance options in the check-out flow.


Why not automate marketing of plans. Remind your team of plans in the check-out or follow up by email later.


Patients can sign up to your plan(s) online in 1 minute - no paper forms required.


Need urgent help? Our friendly in-house team is available from 9am to 6pm from Monday to Friday.


Identify active plan members at check out. Spot available benefits and verify payment status.

Tailored pricing for your business

Select a pricing plan with features that align with your business needs. Experience superior service at a lower cost. Unlike other providers, we seamlessly integrate plans with your payment systems.


No plan or small base of up to 200 members. You want to offer plans or increase plan membership rapidly.

£0.00 / month


£1.00 / month

Per member


200 to 400 plan members. You seek to accelerate your plan sign ups and simplify related workflows.

£20.00 / month


£0.80 / month

+ Public links, card cash back

Best value


Over 400 plan members. You need assistance in member administration and want to reduce fees.

£20.00 / month


£0.60 / month

+ Free bulk transfer


Contract (rolling)

12 months

Set up time

1 hour

Payouts [1]

1x per month

Plan Creator

Practice Branding

Key Features

Monthly Fee Credit [2]


Status Tracker

Benefits Tracker

Data Import

Bulk Transfer

Marketing Tools

Automate Marketing

Card Cash Back

Checkout Integration

Public sign up link

Patient Portal


Emergency Cover [3]

On demand

Events / Training [4]

On demand

Print Materials [5]

On demand




How pricing works

Here is an illustrative example of a practice with 500 plan members that each pay £20 per month. You can see where the money goes and for what.

Still have questions?

Below we’ve listed the common ones but there are many more in our extensive FAQ page.

We will contact your current provider and ask them to transfer the direct debit mandates over to our partner GoCardless. We will take care of the patient communication to ensure a smooth transition.

Through your Tabeo portal you will be able to track each plan patient in real-time by Plan.

Payment tracker, benefits claim tracker and their contract in one place.

Yes, please for more information

Not yet, watch this space. However, we can set up reporting for you to ensure everything matches your PMS.

When you use Cards with Tabeo, we can send an email to the patients who have recently paid and ask them to enrol in one of your plans. This feature is optional. You're in control 100% of the time.

Talk to our friendly team

Switch to Tabeo and reduce your fees on average by 50%. If you have any questions, our team is only a call, email or WhatsApp away. Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.


Subject to Merchant Terms and Conditions.


Monthly Fee Credit is collected monthly via direct debit. It is automatically applied to your Member Fees and Monthly Fees. Check our calculator for details. Monthly Fee Credit is valid for one month and non-refundable.


We are setting up our own wholly discretionary scheme, not an insurance scheme. Tabeo's new scheme is designed to match existing offers from competitors. Estimated costs would be £0.10 per member per month.


We partner with external providers and leaders from our own network of over 5,000 dental practices. Agilio, for example, offers its iLearn module with enhanced CPD courses from only £3.00 per user / month.


We have a range of templates for flyers and posters that you can customise. We will print and ship materials via VistaPrint. Invoicing can be done through us. Estimated cost is less than £20 for 6 posters and 200 leaflets printed in colour on high quality paper.

Ready to get started?

Book your 15 minutes video call at a time that works for you.


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